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Golf is one of those sports that have embraced technology, so it’s no wonder that golf carts, once seen as slow, box-shaped buggies, are now modern and trendy, as are TPVs that once had a similarly bad reputation.

It is normal to see many of them hanging around a golf course, and people enjoy them as if they were a park attraction -and indeed, in a way they are. Modern golf carts today have USB ports, audio speakers and Bluetooth capabilities, as well as comfortable seats and cool colors. So it’s fair to say that today’s golf carts are a great investment for a golf facility, just like a fully stocked golf store, a pristine and well-maintained course, or a full-service food and beverage facility.

As a costly but profitable investment, the golf cart fleet must be well cared for. Therefore, it is vital to allocate some budget to regular maintenance to keep them rolling around the golf course.

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